About the Marina

Essential Information


Phone: (239) 495-3222 
Fax: (239) 495-0801 

GPS Location: N26° 20.315 W 081° 49.677


Marina Manager: Tibe Larson 
Dockmaster: Stephen Kildahl
Marina Services Coordinator: Jaime DiZazzo


Hours of Operation: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

The Marina is open 7 days a week (closed Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day).

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Having your boat launched

Call 495-3222 one-half hour in advance to have your boat launched; to save time at the dock you can request fuel, oil, or having your bimini raised when you call for launching.

Using the Marina After Hours:

Call 239-495-3222 before 4:00 p.m. to have your boat launched. Your boat will be tied to the floating dock for your use.


Tie your boat to the floating dock; Marina staff will store your boat when they re-open.


For Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Years Day please alert the Ships Store Clerk the day ahead if you would like to have your boat available.

Purchases and Payments

Boaters are encouraged to use their Marina account for Marina Purchases. Guests may pay with cash, Visa, or MasterCard.


There is a catalog program for boaters to order special items. If ordered before 11:00 a.m. most items will be delivered the same day. Catalogs are kept at the Ships Store.


The length of the boat is determined by measuring the distance from the back of the engine or platform to the front of the anchor or pulpit. Maximum draft at the Marina is 36” (per our permitting agreement).


Storage is billed on the 25th day of the month for the upcoming month of storage.


The Marina offers discounted storage for up to 4 months annually when your boat is not being stored at the marina. Call Tibe Larson at 239-495-3222 or see the Rental Plan for more information.

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Services Available

There are several work racks for boaters’ use, and can be used for washing, waxing, and repairs to the vessels. Racks are available on a first-come first- served basis. As a courtesy to other boaters, during the busy season please limit the time for washing of boats to ½ hour. All vessels must be out of the water to be washed.


Trailer loading and unloading service is available for most boats. The fee for this service starts at $3 - $5 per foot for either loading or unloading.


For repairs required on vessels, there are several independent mobile mechanics available for assistance if needed. If a vessel is under warranty, dealers are permitted to perform warranty work here as well. More information is available at the Ships Store.

Services available through
the Marina:

Work preformed by the Marina Staff will billed at an hourly rate of $56.


  • Wash and/or Wax

  • Full Detail

  • Metal Polishing

  • Propeller Reconditioning

  • Propeller Replacement

  • Battery Replacement

  • Battery charging

  • Flushing of Engines
    (set a schedule for when you are away)

  • Pump-out Station

  • Light Mechanical Maintenance


Safety Recommendations
& Helpful Hints

The Marina monitors channel 72 VHF during normal operating hours.


Towing insurance is recommended for all boat owners. Bonita Bay Marina has partnered with Tow Boat U.S. For more information please call Tow Boat U.S. directly at 239-945-1664.


The US Coast Guard monitors VHF Channel 16 in case of an emergency.


A waterway chart showing the route from the Bonita Bay Marina to the Gulf of Mexico is available at the Ships Store. There are two routes marked on the Chart. The first route is north from the Marina to New Pass; the second route is south from the Marina to Wiggins Pass.


When there is a Hurricane Watch issued the marina may choose to bring some or all of the boats moored outside into dry dock for the storm. Boats who are affected will be billed a “hurricane haul out” fee. If you are concerned about a storm you can check the resident’s web site at www.bonitabaymarina.net, call the marina, or e-mail tibel@bonitabaymarina.net


The Marina is available for assistance with all your boating needs.


Should you have any questions or need boating advice, please feel free to visit the ships store in person or by phone at 239-495-3222. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you in every possible way.

Bonita Bay Marina and Backwater Jacks are proud partners with Sweetwater Lifestyles Boat Club. 
Please click the link below to read about all of their services and membership options.

On the Imperial River
GPS Location

N26° 20.315 W 081° 49.677

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Marina: 239-495-3222

Backwater Jacks: 239-992-3010

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